Frequently asked questions about our 4wd tours

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is my 4WD suitable for one of your tag-along tours?


A.  Any 4WD with all-terrain tires and a low-range transfer case is suitable for our high country tours, just give us a call if you're unsure.  If you have an AWD or road tires you can still join one of our day trips to the Yarra Ranges, or just rent a suitable 4WD from one of our partners!



Q.  Why do I need all-terrain tires on your High Country tours?


A.  All-terrain tires are a more heavy duty construction than standard road tires.  This gives them a stronger sidewall more resistant to punctures or tears and together with their more aggressive tread pattern makes them perfectly suited to the rigours of off-road use.  While it's technically possible to complete one of our High Country tours on road tires, getting a flat tire in a remote alpine region is a headache no one needs so we do insist all vehicles are equipped with all-terrains.  Our easier Yarra Ranges tours are open to all AWD vehicles including those with road tires.



Q. Do I need experience four wheel driving to come on one of your tours?


A. All our high country tours include basic instruction on how to safely use a 4WD off-road so no experience is neccessary. Our guides are always happy to answer questions or talk you through any tricky bits, and there is often a more relaxed route to take if you're not feeling adventurous. 



Q. I have specific dietary requirements, can you accomodate my needs?


A. Our menu includes vegetarian options and most choices can be made gluten free.  For other needs just send us a message or give us a call, we're usually able to help.