As tour operators we're often asked for our recommendations about various things, from 4WD modifications to frist aid courses so we thought we'd compile our suggestions here:

Both our vehicles have been extenisvely modified and the shop that's done most of the work is Opposite Lock Ferntree Gully.  Ben and Astrid have been a massive help to us, giving fantastic advice and consistently excellent service, we strongly recommend you speak to them about anything 4WD related, give them a call today on (03) 8609 9033

Our choice for bar work and steel fabrications has been RAZLARR Engineering located in Mt Evelyn, Rob and his team have done an excellent job customising steel barwork to suit our specific requirements and their customer service is spot on. Contact them on 03 9736 4932

Thanks to our sponsors at Huracan Fabrications, my Landcruiser 105 has been fitted with VE Clubsport seats using their seat rail adpator kit, giving us a massive improvement in comfort over the factory seats.  In additon to this, the lower tailgate has been fitted with a tailgate storage unit, giving us a very useful lockable storage area in what was previously dead space.  Hands down some of the best modifcations we've done to this vehicle, give them a call on 0433 849 781

Michelle and I both completed a Wilderness First Aid course with Survive First Aid. After completing it, we both agreed that a course such as this should be on the list for everyone spending time in remote areas of Australia. Contact them on (03) 5989 2369

We have tried a few tents that are on the market and now we only use Psyclone Tents.  We use their 3m tent for singles, 4m for couples and 5m for families and absolutely love them.  We occasionally have second hand ones for sale but you can buy one now at their website or by just giving them a call on 0477 697 294

Our dining and kitchen marquees are made by Extreme Marquees and held down in the wind with Ground Grabba stakes